About Me

Born and raised on a farm near St. Lawrence, SD. Graduated from Miller High School. Graduated from South Dakota State University.
Began working at Flandreau Public School as the Ag, Food, and Natural Resources teacher and FFA advisor in 2003.
Married to Christine. Son Abbott. Daughter Harper. Baby boy to come in June, 2017.







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I guess since this is a web page about me, I should give some information on the subject.  

Josh Christiansen

    I went to School at Miller high school, graduating in May, 1998 with 63 students in my graduating class.
I attended South Dakota State University
in Brookings, SD for 5 years.  I graduated
with a BA in Ag Education in May, 2003. 
My first teaching job was at the Public school in Flandreau, SD where I have been since 2003. The classes that I teach can be found on another page of this website.  I spend a lot of time working during the school year, because I really believe that what I do is important.  I want to be the best teacher that I can for my students and hopefully they come out of my classes saying that they learned something about agriculture and about life in general. My future goals are to buy a small (100 - 200 acres) portion of land in the country around this area and raise a few head of cattle as a side job to the school.  I hope that I can do that within 10 to 15 years.
I also attended Auctioneer school during the summer of 2004.  I went with my brother, Ben, and actually learned a lot about the trade.  I haven't had much opportunity to use the skills I've learned but I do a fundraising auction for the FFA chapter every year and hope to eventually start spending some of my summer time setting up and selling at auctions.  It is quite a difficult business to get into.  I also teach some of the marketing techniques that I learned in my Ag Business class. I hope this give you a pretty good idea of who I am and where I came from.  I'm sure that there is a lot more about me than I could ever write, but I can usually be reached by phone or e-mail if you would like to learn more.