The Flandreau Cabinetmaking class will be learning a great deal about making kitchen and bathroom cabinets this year.  We are always in need of projects to do and would welcome projects from the community.  If so, please contact us at your earliest convenience.  


* You supply all the materials required to build the cabinets.  (We would charge the materials to you at the lumber yard)

* The class would need to come into your home for a measurement/ learning lesson. 

* An agreement is made stating that you are aware that there may be imperfections with the workmanship (within reason, of course).  And that you know it will be at least 5-6 weeks to finish the cabinets.  

* A donation would also be welcome if you feel so inclined, but not mandatory.  This donation may be used as a deduction on your taxes and will help students pay for materials for other "practice" projects. 


Call: (605)997-2455 or call: (605)864-7993 or e-mail: