Applied Plant & Soil Syllabus

Texts and References

    Agriscience Fundamentals and Applications, 2nd Edition, Delmar, 1997.

    FFA Student Handbook, 11th Edition, FFA Supply Service, 2000

    Introduction to Plant and Soil Science and Technology, Interstate, 1997

    Managing Our Natural Resources, 3rd Edition, Delmar, 1997

    Official FFA Manuel, FFA Supply Service, 1999.

    Various other Agricultural Education and FFA videotapes, computer software programs, and related materials

Course Description

    FFA knowledge and opportunities, careers in agriculture, and SAE opportunities will be discussed. We will also discuss soil characteristics, crops, plant types, seeds, woodworking, and aquaculture. Group and individual projects will be done in the shop.

Instructional Philosophy and Delivery Plan

    The most frequently used education delivery method will utilize hands-on learning. There will also be lecture, demonstration, guest speaker, and content reading methods of education. Students are expected to meet all of the course goals and demonstrate an understanding with a minimum of 70% accuracy in order to pass this course. Grading will be accomplished through the use of tests, quizzes, projects, class participation, and personal progress.

Course Goals

Students Will Be Able To…

bullet Develop enough confidence to speak in front of the class
bullet Identify major agricultural crops and their uses
bullet Identify certain tools and their safe usage
bullet Have an appreciation and understanding of agriculture and careers in that area
bullet Describe basic plant science, horticulture, and woodworking ideas and principles
bullet Take and test soil samples
bullet Identify different species of crops, weeds, and seeds
Course outline


    1. Introduction of myself and students
    2. Introduction to the course


    1. Shop safety
    2. Tool Safety


    1. Soil characteristics
    2. Soil formations
    3. Soil texture
    4. Soil samples
    5. Tillage


    1. General Knowledge
    2. Creed speaking
    3. SAE
    4. Parliamentary Procedure
    5. CDE’s


    1. Plant Parts
    2. Identification
    3. Pest/ Pesticides
    4. Insurance


    1. Identification
    2. Weed control


    1. Identification
    2. Germination


    1. Tools safety and usage
    2. Shop project
    3. Finishing/ Refinishing


    1. Introductory welding
    2. Cutting

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