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Moody Co. Land Rent, etc. Corn Maze Equipment Horsepower Info
Factors affecting machinery size Farm Equipment Costs Economy of Irrigation
Irrigation Estimated costs Seed rates Equipment Price
Equipment Cost Estimations Machinery Cost Calculator  
Intro to Plant Science Pwr Pt Intro To Plant science Adv Org  
Plant Genetics Adv Org


 Sexual and Asexual Plant Reproduction
Horticulture Careers
Biotechnology Pwr. Pt.                                         FFA Intro Pwr Pt                                            Continued        More
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Soils Step-By-Step Guide

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Projects 04-05

Noxious Weeds in SD

Noxious Weed Descriptions



Soil Judging

Soil Judging Pits

Seed ID website


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Hammer Zone Requirements (Scroll down on that page) Deck Railing
Deck Deck Building Tips Hammer Zone Deck Rail

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Turf Grass Assignment

Turf Grass Rubric

All About Turf Grasses

Turf Grasses

Sod Grass

Soil For Turf

Installation of Turf


Which Turf for Me?

Links to Sports' Turfs

Grasses as Forages

Supplier of Turfgrasses

?'s About Growing Turf for Seed

Food Plot Info

Turf Grass for Seed

More Turf Grass for Seed

Lawn Fertilizers

Pest Control

Fertilizer Discussions

Turf Grass

Bermuda Grass Nutrient Needs

All About Bermuda grass Nitrogen needs are most of the to the bottom of the page Best source for Nutrient usage
Bermuda Grass football field management Kentucky Bluegrass nutrient needs Kentucky Bluegrass as a forage
Kentucky Bluegrass lawns Kentucky Bluegrass information Kentucky Bluegrass pH information

Example Presentations

Baseball Field - Grade "A" Existing Lawn - Grade "A" Football Field - Grade "B"
Golf Course - Grade "A" New Lawn - Grade "B+" Turf Grasses for Forages - Grade "B+"
New Lawn - Grade "B"    
Chase & James Trevor & Brent Tyler & Michael
SARE Managing Cover Crops Profitability

Eric B's Presentation


Pruning Adv Org

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GPS Career Areas

GeoCom Airline Pilots  

SAE Computerized Pages

White Pages White Pages Example Green Pages - Crops
Blue Pages - Livestock Gray Pages - AgriBusiness Yellow Pages - Placement
Pink Pages - Directed Lab

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Land Judging Practice    

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